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In order to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable environment for everyone, there are a number of rules that you are required to adhere to whilst using these forums. Please take the time to read the rules below and pay attention to them.
Anyone who breaks the rules may be banned at my discretion.

  • Underage images or videos are strictly prohibited. Any underage material posted will be deleted, you will be banned, and your details passed to the relevant authorities as necessary.
  • Flaming and/or trolling will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member of the site, you may ask a moderator or the administrator to investigate and they will intervene if necessary.
  • Off topic material is not allowed outside of the "Off Topic Discussion" forum. These forums are for the disussion of gynecology and medical examinations - if you want to discuss spanking, BDSM, etc. without a medical element, please find other forums.
  • Please keep your posts in the correct forum. Pics and videos in the "Pics, Videos and Links" forum for example.
  • Spamming other members with private messages is unacceptable. Please ask a member if you may contact them in the public forums first, rather than sending unsolicited PMs. Users who ignore this will have their ability to send and recieve private messages removed.
  • Please try not to post ZIP/RAR files unless necessary. Where it is necessary, please post a preview of the contents to prevent unnecessary downloads.
  • If you're posting a video that is hosted elsewhere (i.e. Rapidshare) please post a preview. Otherwise people will waste time downloading a video that they either already have or do not want.
  • Racism, or any other forms of discrimination will results in an immediate ban.
  • Please post in English. Sadly I'm not multilingual and I need to be able to read what is posted to be sure that it is acceptable. Posts in a language other than English that do not have a translation attached will be deleted.
  • Do not pretend to be of the opposite sex. Men pretending to be women, or vice versa will be found out, and will be banned.
  • Only one account is allowed per user. Users registering multiple accounts will be detected and banned.
  • The use of any download managers or offline downloading tools is prohibited. Only normal internet browsers are allowed to view the site's content.
  • Don't try to trick your way into the homemade pics and videos area by posting files that aren't your own.
  • If you witness behaviour in contradiction of these rules, or of an otherwise unacceptable nature, please inform a moderator via the private messaging system. A list of moderators and administrators is available from the "Usergroups" link.
  • Users with few or no posts may be deleted at any time to prevent lurkers from adversely affecting the performance of the site for contributing users. That said; anyone posting rubbish purely to increase their postcount will be banned. This site is for sharing and anyone seen to be taking without giving anything back may well be living on borrowed time.
  • Anyone consuming an unacceptable amount of bandwidth (i.e. downloading every video on the site in one go) will be banned.
  • Do not post pictures or videos that have been taken from paysite members areas. Only material found on the public internet should be posted.
  • Donations made to this site are non-refundable.
  • These rules are designed to be guidelines only, and not a definitive list of activities that should be refrained from. If a moderator or administrator disapproves of any behaviour on the forums, you will be warned, and banned if deemed necessary.